Chhattisgarh State Tennis Association (CSTA) is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and affiliated to All India Tennis Association. It has its members, with voting rights, various Clubs and District Tennis Associations. It also has members without voting rights,Corporate Bodies, any apex body of educational institution, university or institution recognised by Government or by Semi-Government.

Representatives of these bodies in Chhattisgarh make up the Central Council. At present CSTA has  voting and non-voting members.

The Chhattisgarh State Tennis Association is the sole controlling and Governing body of the game of Tennis in Chhattisgarh.


  • To promote, develop, control, propagate and ensure proper conduct of the game of tennis in the State of Chhattisgarh.

  • To conduct and run tennis trainig facilities, coaching camps, at its own centre and at centers of affiliate bodies in the state.

  • To organise and conduct Tournaments of State, National and international Ranking.

To See Chhattisgarh shine on the national and international tennis scene, nurture pool of tennis players by Developing Courts (Infrastructure) , Empowering Coaches and Competition Structure . Encourage people to play tennis and help conquer new lifestyle diseases and contribute to good health and increase overall happiness index and Create livelihood opportunities through the sport of tennis.

  • To Promote the sport of tennis breaking the barriers of sex, caste , religion and geographical boundaries in the state and make it one of the most preferred sport.

  • To create a strong foundation and environment for the sport of tennis by Creating Right Infrastructure, Coaching and Competition structure to ensure someone plays tennis somewhere everyday.

  • To imbibe the Core Values Integrity, Inclusiveness, Commitment, Accountability leading to Excellence and helping Our tennis players achieve global recognition in Tennis on all fronts.

  • To collaborate with Clubs and District Affiliates , National tennis Association and Government Agencies to ensure the spread of the Sport from the grass roots , create a vast talent pool and raising the standard of tennis players by organizing Regional , National and International events and making them globally competitive.

  • Continually strive towards excellence by providing outstanding service and value to sponsors and all other stakeholders.

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Vikram Singh Sisodia


Rupendra Singh Chouhan

Joint Secretary

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Lawrence Santiago


Rajesh Patil

Joint Secretary

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Gurucharan Singh Hora

General Secretary

Gurucharan Singh Hora

General Secretary

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